Crafter’s Toolkit

In the few years I’ve been doing DIY projects, I’ve accumulated quite a solid set of tools to use–particularly for yarn and needle crafts. Here is a little glimpse into the tools I have on hand at all times: Stackable Toolbox: (A) Holds extra tools not required for current project or not frequently used (ie. knitting … More Crafter’s Toolkit

Weighted Rice Bags

In high school, I took a sewing class where I learned how to use a sewing machine and follow patterns. While everyone else hated it and shifted to cooking (where you actually got to eat your projects), I found I really enjoyed it. Sewing to me is an essential skill that everyone should have at least … More Weighted Rice Bags


For those wondering, the website where I get most of my knitting/crochet patterns from is Ravelry. I have an account which allows me to look through patterns and save the ones I like, though I believe you can still access (at least some) patterns without an account. Some patterns cost money, but many are free! … More Ravelry