Pattern: Yarnivores

My little monsters have an official pattern…and a name! These creatures have been living in my head for some time now. I had made one a long time ago during a stressful exam period to try and de-stress, but I never really took the time to note down my procedure…until now! Each monster is based … More Pattern: Yarnivores

Totoro Amigurumi

Happy Holidays! This was actually a project I did over the summer, but as it was a Christmas gift, I didn’t want to spoil the surprise and post it online until it had made it to it’s new family. My aunt had asked if I could make her a Totoro doll like the ones you … More Totoro Amigurumi

Amigurumi Piggy

Quick little project I whipped up for a friend who loves piglets! I followed this pattern to make him, with the exception of the eyes which I made by tying a few knots on a piece of black yarn instead. I’ve never had to close a hole in crochet before, so this was a first … More Amigurumi Piggy

Socks for Days

The question I get asked the most when people talk to me about The Sidewalk Sock Project is, “Wow, do you make all the socks yourself?” My response is typically something like, “Yes, it is a long process and I was fortunate enough to have raised more funds than I had anticipated, so I will … More Socks for Days

I Made a Friend

Meet Zoh. She’s a little monster bunny friend I made (pun intended). I was seeing a lot of cute toys and pillows online that I really wanted to buy, yet couldn’t justify the expense. Among these was the little creatures from the Monster Lab, which creates adorably creepy little monsters. I thought they were amazing and … More I Made a Friend