Knit City 2017

Last weekend was my first ever Knit City! It was basically your typical craft fair/marketplace with only fibre art related vendors. There were also tons of classes and lectures going on in other rooms. Unfortunately I didn’t get to attend any of those this year, but maybe Knit City 2018! I’m no stranger to craft … More Knit City 2017

Fading into Fall

My last round of tie dye turned out so well I received a request for more! Mama bear came home with 4 new shirts and a couple of packs of dye, eager to see new colors and new designs. This time, we had more autumnal colors–forest green, and scarlet red (mixed with black to make … More Fading into Fall

I Won Yarn Chicken

Once upon a time, Joey went to work as per usual and was surprised to find a little ball of hand-dyed superwash merino waiting for her when she entered the room. With only said unidentified one-of-a-kind ball, she really wasn’t sure what to make, but settled on Life is Cozy’s Stormy Sky Shawl. And so, … More I Won Yarn Chicken

I’m On Instagram!

New month, new ideas! Finally had enough of intermixing my daily life with my knitting life (as if they’re really all that different…), so I’ve created a new account just for my projects! Got a fancy new logo designed, and I am hoping to get more involved in the online knitting scene. I want MORE … More I’m On Instagram!

Tie Dye Summers

In true crafter’s fashion, I have gotten distracted from all the plans I had and started a bunch of new projects. More on this to come, but first, the activity of the day is tie dye! I did my first tie dye project back in high school. Whilst perusing Pinterest I stumbled upon a neat … More Tie Dye Summers

Pattern: Yarnivores

My little monsters have an official pattern…and a name! These creatures have been living in my head for some time now. I had made one a long time ago during a stressful exam period to try and de-stress, but I never really took the time to note down my procedure…until now! Each monster is based … More Pattern: Yarnivores