About Me


Hi there! My name is Joey. I am a 22 year old residing in Vancouver, BC. The eye for art and design has always been a part of my family. While everyone else in my immediate family was professionally trained in graphic design, film, and photography, I chose a different route and attended university to get my degree in psychology. I never fully escaped the art track however, as it quickly became my refuge to de-stress and unwind from the daily grind.

My strengths lie in yarn and needle crafts (knitting in particular, but crochet too!), though I have dabbled in all sorts of projects including sewing, cross-stitch, tie dye, and the one-off DIY projects I happen to come across.

The joy of crafting for me comes from the experience of learning a new technique or design, or perhaps creating my own. Completing a pattern is great, but something about making or adapting your own provides a whole new form of fulfillment. I often like to incorporate both knitting and crochet into my designs. I posted my first official pattern on Ravelry in January 2017!

I also find inspiration in creating for others. Taking requests or capturing the essence of a particular person in art motivates me to make the perfect gift to brighten their day. In 2014, I learned how to knit socks and started my own charity project called The Sidewalk Sock Project, which raises funds to produce hand-knitted socks for the homeless. This was when I really started getting into perfecting my craft, and sharing my experience with others.

The name “Winter’s Weather Knits” comes from a song by my favorite band, As It Is. Although knitting and pop punk don’t exactly go together like pb&j, I like to think that these are the two core components that make up my identity (pp&k?!). The song itself speaks to the struggle of feeling inadequate, something I have struggled with myself. It relays this sense of reaching out for support, though not necessarily feeling like you deserve it. For me, it’s difficult to reach out to another person, so I’ve reached out to knitting for that support, and through that I’ve been able to find worth in myself. While the song refers to the metaphorical warmth of being accepted, it also pulls through in a literal sense when it comes to knitting!

I hope for this blog to help me document my crafting ventures so I can look back and feel proud of my progress. I would also like to share my journey with others in hopes that you too, will find some joy in my work.