Phantom of the Papa

This post is late! Sorry! I had this post lined up for my usual Friday upload schedule but instead of writing about the show, I was at the show. Forgive me for the delay, but here’s what went down:

A few weeks ago I was in the car with my dad (we call him Papa) listening to the radio when an ad came on for the Phantom of the Opera at our local theatre. Immediately as the theme song started playing, he cranked up the volume and got super excited (which is quite out of character for my usually mild-mannered father). He asked if I wanted to go, so I said of course!

Normally if there’s a show in town, my sister and I are the ones to go. I just love the atmosphere of live performances! We got together and decided to get my dad tickets for his upcoming birthday. In addition to that, we wanted to present it to him in a funny way. My favorite thing about my dad is his sense of humor. He’s definitely the kind of dad to love a good dad joke. After failing to find a funny card in the store, I decided to make my own. I’m a huge fan of puns myself, so I found this process very enjoyable.

My sister and I thought it would be funny to put the mask from POTO onto his face as kind of a hint as to what his present is. As luck would have it, the most recent photo I have of him involves him holding a giant panda. The caption immediately came to mind: “Phantom of the Panda…Phantom of the Papa…Phantom of the Opera!”

He knew right away when he saw his face on the front of the card and chuckled. My dad has always been the provider of the family and he takes excellent care of us, so it’s nice to be able to do something nice for him.


Not pictured: mom’s birthday present was that we took him out for dinner and a show so she could finally get some alone time to herself!

Disclaimer (so you don’t think we’re terrible daughters): We invited her to come, but if you knew anything about her, you’d know that going downtown is the last thing she’d want to do and getting husband-free time is such a luxury!


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