De-Poufing My Skirts


It’s the first day of Summer! …at least…it is the day I’m writing this post.

I am anticipating wearing more skirts this year. I have already taken a few opportunities  to put on some casual dresses and was pleasantly surprised. I remember pulling a couple out, 100% expecting to hate how it looked, but I was wrong. I felt sassy, and confident, and well, pretty. I’m on a feel good crusade at the moment so I plan to wear them throughout the summer and rock them.

I did however pull out a couple of old skirts that I rarely ever wore because beyond the dressing room mirror they never sat right. After thinking about it for awhile I think I’ve decided that they’re too poufy! ((You know…the A-line skirt that never really got the memo that the 50s are over.)) I’m probably exaggerating a little, but the reason why I never wear them is because the extra space it extends makes it a little fancier than I’d like for a cute, casual look. My solution is to cut out the linings so they hang a little more downwards and a little less outwards.

Due to impatience (or as I like to see it, eagerness), I failed to take proper ‘before’ pictures before going at them with my shears. I did however have a little fun getting the ‘after’ shots.



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