“Whoops, I made a hat!” Syndrome

I usually like to keep organized and on top of things when it comes to this blog (and in general, really). In the past it hasn’t been too difficult because of the constant flow of ideas and projects. I would spend my weekends taking pictures and writing posts to schedule for the month. Recently however, I have been busy and stressed from work, and trying to keep up with family life, a social life, and my charity project! I’m whining a little, but I’m not really complaining–I love all those things. It just means I’ve had less time to allow my creative juices to flow, which in turn means nothing to post about.

As the weather gets warmer, it gets more difficult to be inspired to knit. Kind of like when you shop for groceries on a full stomach instead of an empty one. I haven’t been as “hungry” for new projects as I usually am.

So, this week, instead of having nothing to post, I want to talk about what I like to call “whoops, I made a hat” syndrome. I’ve written about this on various social media platforms already and it still makes me chuckle. I think the phrasing comes from that cartoon of a grandma eating noodles who accidentally uses her chopsticks to knit them into a scarf. I don’t knit my noodles (food just may be the one thing that is slightly above knitting on my hierarchy of values), but when I sit down with a ball of yarn to make hats for the homeless, I always experience that moment where I pause the show I’m watching and look down to see a completed hat. ((Other people my age have ‘Netflix and Chill’, I have ‘Netlix and whoops, I made a hat’.))


With my lack of motivation to start a new project, I’m really channeling my energy into stockpiling hats so that once the cold weather comes round again, I’ll be ready with bags of hats to donate. If next winter is anything like the last one, I want to be prepared well ahead of time!

And so, at the risk of being repetitive and constantly plugging my charity project, here’s a quick video I made to try and visually represent WIMAH-syndrome.


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