Fidgety Fingers and Fineliners

I can’t sit still.

Even when I’m tired and stressed and just want to do nothing, my body won’t do it. Knitting has been my go-to while watching TV to keep my hands busy, but the projects I want to work on at the moment require a little more thought and attention, which I don’t have the mental energy for right now.

I still have this drive to create–to expand my skillset…so I have been sketching. For a long time I thought I was sh*t at drawing. I had ideas in my head that my hands just couldn’t bring to life. Recently I’ve been inspired to pick up a pencil and try again.

I have been listening to Grayscale’s new album ‘Adornment’ non-stop since I saw them live on the Okay USA Tour. I’m constantly finding myself with their tunes stuck in my head, which isn’t surprising since I’ve been putting my ipod on shuffle and skipping to their songs anyway. Their lyrics are loaded with imagery, which really inspired me to pick up the pencil. The first image I wanted to draw was a chrysanthemum flower. I looked up pictures on the internet of both the real flower and drawings of it and got started in my old Art 8 sketchbook (it really has been that long since I’ve sketched). I used a fine liner to draw in the lines I was happy with, taking pictures at every step in case I did something wrong and wanted the option to “undo”.  At one point I really did think I had messed up completely, but after adding even more detail than I had originally imagined, the final product came out even better than anticipated.

“You were my chrysanthemum, but all went wrong. You faded away like dust.”

After the success of that one I was motivated to sketch a few more.

“Would I feel anything?”
“I sat by the door, and I waited for you to come home.”



Of course I wouldn’t do an Okay USA Tour post without a little something for my boys As It Is.

I’m not too sure about coloured images quite yet. I very vividly remember ruining beautiful artwork as a child with colouring. Maybe I’m more of a black & white kind of person…or I guess you could say…’Grayscale’. Ha.


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