New Choker Designs

IMG_20170420_191525With the seasons changing and the temperature warming up, I’ve been looking into some summer projects. I tend to focus on toys and amigurumi in the warmer months since it’s too hot for knitted clothing, but when I found some crochet chokers online, it sparked my curiosity!

A little while ago I followed a pattern to make my first choker (the blue one pictured above). After examining the concept of how the lace designs are formed, I decided to take a stab at designing my own pattern. I managed to create 2 patterns out of some scrap yarn I had left around from previous projects. I am calling them the Cherrypit Choker, and the Macuahuitl Choker (that last one is a mouthful, but google the word and it will make sense).

The patterns aren’t up anywhere yet because I have been too lazy to do them up. My brain has been stretched in so many different directions in terms of inspiration. I have tons of projects casted on and unfinished. Since this is a hobby, I made the conscious decision to just do whatever I feel like doing at the time and not worry about finishing the projects I don’t have the inspiration to complete. I know one day I will get around to all of them. Today just isn’t that day.


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