Pocket Teddy in Action

Back in December, I made a tiny teddy bear for my cousin that he could take with him to work for moral support. The whole concept behind it was to create a little buddy that could join him on adventures and provide some emotional support for those rough days.

I like that idea of having a miniature stuffed companion that’s discrete and easy to take travelling. I think a lot of people would benefit from having a little extra comfort and assurance in their day to day lives–I know I would! I am currently working on designing my own little critters that may one day follow kids to school, or teens to university, or even adults to work. Having felt the burden of anxiety myself, I think anyone who has ever dreaded leaving the house would like a little buddy to go with them.

In the meantime however, here’s what pocket teddy has been up to.

15731669_10211014987626509_978390770_nHe travelled safely with a few friends over to California in time for Christmas.

17911064_10212100516404050_220519684_nHe sat in this pocket and went to work at the library.

18110754_10212194449512319_376450668_nAnd most recently, he was there to provide support in a Chinese (amateur) speech competition…in front of 400 guests!

Super pleased to see these photos and hear about how pocket teddy’s been helping out. This was the motivation I needed to seriously consider going further with my designs. I’m still trying to squeeze out whatever projects I can to make use of the cold weather we have left, but once summer rolls around, it will be all about the pocket critters!


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