Sister Craft Day: Beading!

IMG_20170414_152431Went over to my sister’s place for a couple of days to hang out and do some sister bonding. We got tattoos together and went to a French craft store (see last 2 posts), then she showed me her new hobby–beading!

This is super coincidental, as my mom had just passed over her stash of beads and crystals to me. Turns out she gave them to the wrong daughter! Funny how her two ex-hobbies, beading and knitting, have now become the hobbies of her two daughters. Perhaps in the future we’ll get into pottery…

IMG_20170414_152506Anyhow, she opened box after box and piled plates and plates of beads onto the coffee table, and we got started. As a knitter, I’ve got pretty good finger dexterity and I’m not new to repetition. However, doing this task made me realize just how much I rely on muscle memory and “feel” when knitting, such that my vision isn’t taxed too much. My eyes were strained and I could feel my neck protruding forward so as to match the tiny hole to the tiny thread. The entire time I kept thinking there must be a better way (I could not find one). I still managed to complete one bracelet/necklace and I’m pretty proud of it!

IMG_20170415_110632I don’t think I would ever seriously get into beading as I have knitting, but I did enjoy the experience. I am thinking of making another one since I have access to 2 tackle boxes full of beads thanks to momma. I kind of think that part of the enjoyment was the chitchat with my sister though. I’m always on the lookout for people to have quiet crafting time with. Coffee dates are great, but I like to have that extra task to keep my hands busy and make lulls in conversation less awkward–it may even spark conversation!

I may just have to start scheduling craft dates…


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