Sister Tattoo Date

Although I prefer to do all artistic things myself, tattooing is just a little outside my range. We’ll leave that to the professionals…


My sister and I scheduled a tattoo session to get sister tattoos! After debating for months (maybe even a couple of years), we finally agreed on an idea that we’re both happy to have on our bodies forever. It was her idea, but the more I thought about it, the more it made sense to me. The symbol itself is easiest described as a half-moon–a circle that is half shaded black. She would get the left side shaded because she is the older sister, and I would get the right side shaded because I came second! The first reaction we get from everyone is “Oh!…like a yin yang!” And although I don’t really like this interpretation, it does allude a little bit to our Asian culture. And being two halves of a circle, it also kind of alludes to our biculturality, being Asian-born children growing up in a Western country. Prior to getting the tattoo I was happy with this interpretation. The more I thought about it however, the more connections I was able to make in the symbolism of it. She is left-handed, and I am right-handed, so our respective halves make sense there too. Her half resembles the waxing moon (more is getting lit), representing increasing positivity, and my half resembles the waning moon (getting darker), which represents expelling the negative–totally representative of our nature.

In addition, I also wanted to get another piece done while I was there. A few months ago, I had seen my favorite band, As It Is, in concert. ((Sidenote: another one of their songs is also the inspiration for this blog!)) At that show, I got one of the members to write out a tattoo inspired by the lyrics and meaning behind the first song I ever heard of theirs, called ‘Pilgrims’. The script reads, “Head in the clouds. Feet on the ground.” These words are important to me, not only because they led me to supporting the band through all future records that followed (all of which have great meaning to me), but because they really resonated with me in terms of finding the balance between my craft and my daily life. The clouds represent my passions in crafting and artistic endeavours, while the ground represents the realistic side of me that is still pursuing a “proper” day job. It is a reminder that I shouldn’t give up on my dreams, yet I should go about it intelligently and with humility, rather than recklessly.

The imagery of it all is super cool to me. To have my head in the clouds and my feet on the ground simultaneously would stretch me to become a person greater than I ever thought I could be. And isn’t that what everyone’s goal should be? To become the greatest possible version of themselves? I’m all for self-actualization.

Two days later and you can still see the outline of bruising. Ouch!

Huge thanks to Jimbow from Granville Street Tattoo for the ink. He did a great job and made the experience enjoyable despite the awful awful pain!

**EDIT: Here’s an updated photo now that it has healed and isn’t bruised anymore! I smile every time I catch a glimpse of it in the mirror (:


Approval from the guy who wrote out the script for me.

**EDIT 2: On May 10 I got to see Patty and show him my tattoo in person! He was so excited to see it in person after he had seen in on Instagram and happy that I got it done. We had a moment.


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