West Coast Best Coast Socks

A friend of mine from California casually asked if I could make him a pair of socks after seeing my last pair, and I obliged! I was happy to have the opportunity to try out some new patterns, particularly playing with different colors. I am finally getting to upload this post now that they have travelled down the coastline to their new home.


The first pair I made was a navy and light grey (more like off-white) mix whereby I used one strand of each color to knit a waffle-knit sock. The result was a blizzard-esque textured sock, resembling Vancouver. Not to say that we get particularly stormy weather, but it gives a sort of rainy mountain wilderness vibe.IMG_20170319_114619

In contrast, the next pair I made exuded sunshiny beach vibes, illustrative of California! Yellow socks with blue stripes, with a gradient/Doppler kind of effect. It reminds me of waves getting closer together as they rush over the sand on a beach.

((Sidenote: I’m slightly bummed at the slight laddering effect that occurred along the side where I was changing colors and carrying up my yarn. There was a lot going on in terms of changing colors, preventing jogging, wrapping the colors around each other, and just the general tension maintenance when working socks on circular needles. I’m not sure at this point whether it comes with the territory or if I just did something wrong. Or perhaps I’m just being over-critical…))


Finished putting together the details of my little package I’m going to send him. I love how everything came together in the end! I think my subconscious was inspired by bridging the gap between Vancouver and California. Crazy how the climate can be so different just a little farther down the coast. I love both of these places, so I love both of these socks!

West coast is the best coast.


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