The 2-Year Scarf


Two years ago I set out to make myself a scarf. I had every component planned out. It would be a blanket scarf, made from Loops & Threads Woolike, using the diagonal basketweave stitch. I had this very clearly established when I started, and it was meant to be a brainless knitting project I could work on during my down time. However, what became apparent to me early on in the project was that knitting with such finely weighted yarn was a slow process, and after hours and hours of knitting I had very little to show for it. I got swept up in other projects and new ideas that piqued my interest. This one went into the knitting bag and sat there while others developed.

During a lull in my creative pursuits, I pulled it out again. Getting back into the diagonal basketweave captured my interest for a little while, but as that became dull once again, I decided to throw in a second color. Some color blocking and striping happened, but still my impatience forced me into binding off earlier than I should have.

Around this one-year mark, I discovered my new favorite stitch–the linen stitch. I picked up stitches along the length of my scarf and decided to work this stitch outwards in order to make the scarf bigger and more blanket-y. I told myself I would give this scarf a funky-patterned, color-blocked, eccentric look. And after all, if I maintained the color scheme, nothing could really go wrong once it was bunched up around my neck anyway!

I had seen a cute two-colored linen stitch pattern online but with no written instructions. I tried it out anyway and ended up with a striping pattern instead of cute little dots as I had wanted. I ran with it, but after a little while I gave it another shot and discovered I needed to throw in an extra ball of the main color in order to get my desired design. Happy with this and not wanting to undo all my previous work, I just switched over and kept going. This too got boring eventually, and I wanted to see how else I could expand on the design. I was still many rows away from getting to the completed size of my scarf anyway. I ended up creating a slight gradient effect as I continued, until I finally gave up and was eager to stop knitting and start wearing the scarf. I gave it a quick reverse single crochet edging, blocked it, and have been wearing it ever since!

This whole process took me two years, thus it has become known as the 2-year scarf. Regretfully, it still isn’t as big as I would like it, and its dimensions are a little off. It makes a much better wrap/shawl than a blanket scarf. There are also little flaws in my stitches that you would notice if looking closely, but I’m going to accept that as part of the eccentric charm and go with it! (Excuses, excuses…)

The next one will be better…check back in 2 years!


3 thoughts on “The 2-Year Scarf

    1. Thanks! I never thought of it as minimalist considering how many times I switched up the stitches/colors but I suppose you’re right. I like that. (:

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