The Perfect Pair of Socks

dsc01909I must have made over 200 socks by now for my charity project, all with heel flaps. This was the way I learned to knit socks, and it just stuck with me. Until recently, I never entertained the thought of using a different method.

Not too long ago, I crossed paths with a lady who’s a pretty big deal in the knitting world–the knitting world I really wasn’t aware was out there. For the most part, knitting has been a solitary affair for me; a hobby that I didn’t really talk about or share with many people. Over time, this has changed, and meeting this lady opened me up to the interactional aspect of my craft and exchanging ideas with other designers. The internet is a great tool for getting ideas and feedback. Whereas a few years back I would have to join craft groups and physically meet up with people, social media now allows me to connect with other knitters without ever leaving my workshop. She posted a photo on instagram of a pair of socks she made, citing a particular sock heel method, the Fish Lips Kiss method. Eager to try it out, I bought the pattern and my life has changed!


Included in the pattern is not only the details on how to knit this sock heel, but also a lengthy explanation of proper fit and how to achieve it, as well as directions to create cardboard foot stencils so you can fit your socks according to a particular person’s foot without having to have them constantly try them on! Trying on my own socks while making them isn’t exactly difficult, but the convenience of this is a luxury I will never give up from now on.

16601633_1290027787757151_8259131619220168726_oOver some fruit tea and pop punk, I finished up a pair of two-colored Loops & Threads Woolike socks for myself. They actually do fit perfectly!

Anyone who wants a pair of handmade socks now will get them in exchange for a properly sketched outline of their foot. Ha.


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