Barely Fingerless Gloves


My “ah mah” (grandma) lives in Malaysia where it averages about 30 degrees celsius all year round, but she has requested a pair of gloves because apparently, her hands get cold! Her specific requests were:

  • Longer cuff to cover more of her arm
  • Covers most of her fingers…

A few years ago I had made her a pair that she has worn so much it is pilling and losing elasticity and basically just falling apart. I’m surprising her this year by sending her a new pair!

Made these by crocheting with 2 strands of Loops and Threads Woolike and based on my general understanding of how to knit gloves. No pattern, just faith that it would work out in the end haha.


**Update: I’ve heard back and it turns out she’s very happy! Of course, she is my grandma and she lives on the other side of the world with very little communication with me, so any way we can connect absolutely thrills her. Whether or not the gloves turned out to suit her specifications, we may never know… Either way, I feel pretty great about being able to do this for her.


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