Two-at-a-Time Socks Give Me Anxiety


My double-pointed needles were giving me grief and I was just about ready to snap them and throw them across the room!

But instead I set them aside and pulled out my circular needles and decided to give two-at-a-time socks a try. I have been researching sock patterns in attempt to find the optimal method and design for my sock charity. I already changed from top down to toe up socks, as well as the method in which I do the heel from heel flaps to the fish lips kiss heel. During that transition of incorporating new techniques, I found that my work started laddering, which is something I haven’t struggled with for a long time. Trying out circular needles was my last option, though I wasn’t particularly hopeful that with only 2 gaps (instead of 4) my laddering problem would be solved. If anything, I just wanted there to be fewer ladders I needed to sort out later on.

The entire time from start to finish, I felt this sense of stress wondering if it would work. Was I pulling tight enough at the ends? Was I pulling TOO tight? Would the first sock end up slightly different than the second sock? There’s double the amount of loss if this doesn’t work out compared to trying a technique out on just one sock. I’m also going to point out at this point that I had casted on two different colored socks so I could tell which was the first and which was the second, which completely defeats the purpose of two-at-a-time socks!

By the end, I was quite pleased with the final product. No ladders, no holes, just two socks. My next set is obviously going to be two different colors again to finish off these pairs, but after that I think I’ll have had enough practice to do one pair at a time!


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