Baby Bob 2.0


How many years does your sister have to be with the guy she’s dating before you welcome him into your holiday celebrations?

I don’t really think there is a specific number, or rather, it varies based on the relationship. Since she introduced him as her boyfriend, he has been invited to any big dinner party we have. When it comes to Christmas and the exchange of gifts though, I’m a big believer in sentiment. Since I reached the age of “adulthood”, getting gifts has been less about materialism and more about either usefulness or meaning. When I give gifts, I like them to have special meaning for the recipient. So the answer to that question would be, when you know him well enough to be able to get him a gift of meaning.

I’ve seen more and more of him over the years, but this year is the year I really began to feel comfortable interacting with him and really started to think of him as family. T loves gaming. Specifically, T loves catching and raising dinosaurs with his friends online. I’m not a fan of gaming, but what I did find nice was that when I’m over, he shares with me. He tells me about the dinosaurs in his game and what he’s doing. He invites me into his world. He showed me “Baby Bob”, which was his prized dragon (?) he hatched and raised. We laughed about how he named it Bob and over time he would soon become “Adolescent Bob”. (You had to be there…)

To get to the point, I wanted to make him a little dinosaur that could hang out by his gaming computer. I found this stegosaurus pattern and could just imagine it on his desk. Went with a more earthy, self-striping yarn and didn’t stitch in any features so it would look a little less childish…but let’s be honest…it’s a stuffed dino.


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