Dad-Approved iPad Case

In all the years I’ve been knitting, I have never made something for my dad. I’ve given a ton of gifts to other family members, friends, even some people I only ever worked with for a couple of years. It’s not that I didn’t want to give him something, it’s just that I never knew what I could make that he would actually like.

In one of our recent car chats, he mentioned that he was looking for an iPad case to use when he travels. Instantly, I thought there had to be patterns out there that I could easily whip up before his next trip. There were tons! Still, I decided to read through them and construct my own. I’ve never been one to follow other people’s patterns.

Here’s what I came up with:

  • Yarn: King Cole Magnum Chunky (1 skein)
  • Needles: US 10 (6.0mm) DPNs
  • Button
Case Body:
  1. Cast on 55 sts spread across DPNs. CO an extra stitch for joining in the round (will be dropped). (55)
  2. Work linen stitch in the round until piece measures about 25 cm.
  3. Bind off loosely, leaving a long tail. Use this tail to sew the end shut flat and weave in ends.
  1. On starting row end, pick up 8 stitches in the middle. (Or width needed based on button size.)
  2. Work 15 rows of linen stitch, ending on the WS.
  3. On RS row, make buttonhole the size of your button.
  4. Continue in linen stitch for 4 more rows.
  5. Bind off and weave in ends.
  6. Sew button in place on case.

I recommend testing the width after a few rows on an actual iPad and again later to make sure the length covers the whole thing (if you have access to one–I snuck in and out of my dad’s office many times to create this project and keep it a surprise).  It is meant to be tight-fitted and stretch like a sock to avoid having the iPad slip around inside it.

My dad was surprised on Christmas morning to see that I had actually followed through on what seemed to be a casual conversation. Will have to wait til his next trip to actually test it, but so far I think he’s a proud papa!


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