Infinitely Warm Ear Warmers

Happy New Year! For the first day of 2017, I’m coming out strong, with my first proper written pattern on Ravelry.

Either these are becoming a trend this year, or I’ve just gotten more into the knitting and crochet scene that I’ve seen a lot of these popping up.

I tried many of them on in attempt to decide whether I thought they looked cute, or childish. I settled on ‘cute’ and decided to make one for myself. Still, whilst perusing pattern after pattern, I continued to debate whether each particular style was too simple, too obnoxious, too much like a shower headband…etc… and I imagined myself wearing each one while out and about.

I tore apart pattern after pattern, deciding they had too much going on, or weren’t enough of a challenge. The solution was to push myself to create my own. I restarted at least half a dozen times and have the notes and scribbles to prove it!

My pattern incorporates both knitting and crochet (as most of my ideas). It has one chain link cable running through the centre, giving it its infinity sign appearance, hence the name.

You can get the pattern here, if you wish to try it out for yourself!

Cheers to a fruitful year of soft yarns and crafty ideas!


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