Pocket Teddy


…because who doesn’t need a tiny companion to whisper supportive messages to you while you’re out facing the world?

This tiny guy is literally pocket-sized and so adorable! I used this pattern and adapted it slightly to create my little buddy here. He’s perfect for a quick project or to use up scraps of yarn.


He was actually a gift for a cousin of mine who loves stuffed bears. He is the classic story of the kid who gets a teddy bear when he is born and keeps it as his prized possession as he becomes an adult. While he collects other bears as well, this one is the favourite–and you can tell! If he could bring this bear everywhere with him, he would. When he leaves the house, he says goodbye to the bear, and they exchange butterfly kisses. It’s sweet, really. How great would it be if the bear was tiny and could go to work with him?

As much as I would have loved to keep the little guy for myself, I think he’ll receive tons of love and care at his new home. I will definitely be making more tiny pocket friends though.


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