Zoh’s New Brother

Holiday gifts part 2! This is another project I worked on over the summer and had to keep a secret until now. I am experimenting with variations on my animal monsters, starting with a request from my cousin. She had seen Zoh and asked if she could have one in blue. I took that request an ran with it. I’ve been thinking about designing a whole range of variations on this basic concept, so this was a good opportunity to try it out again and get more details on my pattern since I didn’t keep note of it last time.

I went to Michaels in search of furry blue yarn. I was a little disappointed at the limited selection, though I suspect I may have had more luck shopping during the winter season rather than summer. As I was about to give up and leave, this pile of colorful fluff caught my eye in a sale bin. It was about 50% off of regular price and seemed to fit the bill, so I left the store with 4 balls of it (Loops & Threads Fashion Fur). I don’t usually research my yarn before I shop. Sometimes I touch all the sample swatches to check for softness and thickness, but that’s about it. I started stitching and had to stop due to exorbitant amounts of blue fluff that flew out of this yarn in all directions. I then decided to look this yarn up where I found many people complaining about the fluff. I also found out that this yarn had been discontinued, probably due to that reason. Nevertheless, I continued stitching (whilst using my lint roller and swiffer wand intermittently) and threw the pieces into the dryer for an air fluff to try and remove as much fur as possible before assembling him. At this point he’s not shedding nearly as much, though I’m not sure how much I would want to snuggle my face into him…he may bald over time.

In the future I will post a step by step pattern. For now, I have a general guideline that more experienced knitters/crocheters could draw from. Some additional details can be found on my previous monster post as well (link above).

His body is two pieces (front and back) with the box base shape and a flat top. On the front side, I switched over to an acrylic yarn for his face. I doubled up the yarn in order to match the needle gauge of the fur yarn (ie. 2 strands of yarn for one stitch of the fur yarn). When the pieces were done I sewed them together and stuffed him. Normally I would include a sack of rice for weight, but the fur yarn turned out to be quite heavy like carpet, so I skipped it this time. His final size after stuffing is about 11″ tall and 12″ wide.

His eyes are just black crochet magic loop circles stitched onto slightly bigger white crochet magic loop circles. His teeth are made using an adaptation of entrelac knitting whereby I casted stitches off each triangle of the base row as I went along. These can be placed anywhere you’d like.

To make the ears and legs, I crocheted in the round and increased where I felt necessary. Once flattened, the ears curled naturally and I simply left a tail long enough to stitch them to the head. The legs could be longer or shorter by modifying the number of rounds. Again, I left a tail long enough to attach them to the base. The socks are made the same way as the legs with an additional round of increases so they just fit over top his feet. The changes in color are optional.

I followed this video to make the heart, which I then stitched on to his left chest.

While this wasn’t my favorite project, I am excited to continue making modifications to this design. I plan on sampling different types of yarn for the body and maybe even just regular acrylic yarn so the stitches are visible. Definitely more to come.



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