I’ve always been a little iffy about hats. I go through phases of loving them and hating them. This year however, with the unusually cold temperatures and snowfall, I’ve begun to love them again, out of necessity!

Most crocheters and knitters have probably made at least one beanie since they started. It’s a good beginner project, and is fairly low commitment and risk because of its size and simplicity. If it doesn’t turn out how you hoped, it can be pretty easily undone or tossed without having wasted too much of your time. As such, I’ve made a handful of them.


My first beanie was made using this pattern, but I extended the ribbing for a slightly different look. I used Red Heart Soft yarn in the colourway “Teal”. I carry this beanie around with me most of them time, in case I get caught in the cold. I like that it’s simple, and apart from the colour, doesn’t draw too much attention.

I also wanted a beanie with a big pompom, which led me to making a plain, rib stitch one with the pompom at the tip. I went for something with a cute candy cane-like colour (Loops & Threads Coral Reef in the colourway “White”). I haven’t worn this one as much, but after pulling it out this winter, I think I will start wearing it a lot more!

This hooded beanie is a pattern I’ve seen photos for all over ravelry and pinterest. This one is a little more exotic for my fashion. I don’t think I would ever wear it out, but within the neighborhood and at home, it does a great job at keeping my ears warm! I made it with Loops & Threads Charisma in the colourway “Holiday”. It has a large pompom at the back, as well as two little ones hanging in the front. Super cute for playing in the snow!


Finally, my most recent beanie is this stiff black one I made over the summer while on vacation in Singapore. I had stopped by a Spotlight (the equivalent of Michaels) to check out what kind of yarn selection they had. I found this cute matte black yarn and decided to buy a couple of skeins. I wish I had noted down the name! It is quite comparable to Loops & Threads Woollike Chunky.

I had a crochet hook with me, so I went ahead and tried it out in my down time. The end product was this slightly twisty, stiff, ribbed, pointy beanie. I would have liked it to be slightly slouchier, but I love that this one really grips my head, keeping my ears warm and not shifting around like some of my other beanies do. From certain angles, I love it, and from others I’m a little wary. It also depends on how my hair looks that day, or how long it is…maybe also how self-critical I’m feeling that day.

I don’t think I will ever fully love or hate hats. It’s probably something I will continue to go back and forth on. I will however, continue to make and keep them for those “love” periods of time.


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