To Infinity and Beyond!

dsc01691…Infinity scarves, that is.

These are my favorite type of neck accessory. There’s so much versatility for different styles and varying weather conditions.

I made the green one back when I was really into sewing. I remember being out shopping with my mom when we came across an infinity scarf made of t-shirt fabric that was so wonderfully cozy but ridiculously priced. We went to a fabric store and bought metres of similar fabric (on sale, no less) and sewed our own for a much more affordable price. Since then, this scarf has been a staple in my winter closet! Super cozy, and it naturally creates its own beautiful textures when wrapped around your neck.


The blue one was my attempt to re-create the green scarf, but with knitting. It is seed stitch on one side, and stockinette on the other, then sewed together to form a tube. I made this one with the intention of having a scarf that sat snug to the neck, because often infinity scarves are too big that the cold air gets in from the top. However, I wish I had made it a teeny bit larger, as when it’s doubled up, it’s a little tight. It’s ideal for venturing out into the biting cold or just hung around the neck once though.


Most recently, I made the beige scarf, using only one layer. I got this pattern from one of those free tearaway packs at Michaels. It’s basically garter stitch, with an increase on one end and decrease on the other end so when joined in a circle, the lines actually end up going diagonally. While not as warm, this one is much more comfortable and pairable with many outfits.

With all the snow we were graced with in Vancouver this year, I’m glad I’ve got a good stash of knits to keep me warm.


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