I’ve never been so happy to see this…


Most of the time when I finish a candle I feel a sense of emptiness. It’s kind of sad when candles go out…especially when it’s a Christmas scent you won’t be able to get again until next year!

Since my failed attempt at home-made candles, however, I’ve been trying again to resolve the problems and create a functional candle. I finally managed to get one of my candles to burn all the way to the bottom! (Hooray!)

In my second attempt, I braided three strands of yarn to make a thicker wick, then followed the same process as in my first attempt. Since the wick ended up thicker than before, I used a glue gun to tack it to the base of my container rather than a wick stand. This candle burned for longer, but still went out before all the wax was gone.

To try and remove as many variables that could be affecting the chemistry of my candles, I then went back to the basics and simply melted the wax alone without the colouring or scent. I again used the braided wick. This third attempt was my first success. It burned all the way to the edge and bottom without any problems. This leads me to believe that it was the crayon I added for colour that changed the burn time of the wax, causing it to last longer, thus extinguishing the wick.

As Christmas season is creeping up on me, I’m rushing to try one more time to add some scents to the melted wax to get the right chemistry for scented candles. I’m hoping that it was only the colour that was affecting the burn and not the essential oils!

Ultimately, I don’t think these will be up to standard for Christmas, so I may have to keep working on it for next year. In any case, fingers crossed attempt #4 will be the one.


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