Reyna Shawl

Mom: “I think I like triangle scarves.”

Me: “Oh yeah?”

Mom: “You know they are in fashion this season…everyone is wearing them.”

Me: “I think they’ve always been in fashion…I remember wearing triangle scarves a few years ago. In fact, I thought they were in fashion then…are you sure they’re still in fashion now?”

Mom: “Of course!!! Remember how I wore my scarves when we were in California? I think I’ve gotten over cowls. I like the triangle shape now.”

Me: “I still like cowls…but triangles are nice too!”

Mom: “Yeah, I don’t want to wear cowls anymore.”

Me: “Okay, I’ll make you a triangle scarf.”

This is one of my better quality projects. I used this pattern from Ravelry and had my first experience with eyelets (and knitting a triangle…from the middle of an edge?! Blasphemy.).

Momsy’s happy. Joey’s happy. Win-win. (:


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