Work Mom Cup Cozies



Moms and coffee just seem to go together.

For as long as I can remember, my own mother would start her day with a cup of Malaysian coffee, followed by an English breakfast tea after lunch. At my first “real” job, I worked in fast food alongside an older lady who took me under her wing. She became my “work mama”, as she trained me, looked out for me, and protected me from our crazy bosses. She too, started her mornings at work with a cup of coffee (pretty much the only thing our bosses permitted us to have for free).

My current job has me in a similar situation, working under the supervision of an older lady. She is one of the most loving and caring human beings I have ever met. On one of my first days, she came in with her own thermos of coffee and a large cup of Tim’s. A week from today, she will be taking an extended leave, so it’s my last opportunity to do something nice to hopefully make her smile.

After looking at a few patterns on youtube and Ravelry, I decided simple was better and chose this pattern by Hooray Crochet. I learned how to crochet a heart and stitched this on to one side and voilà!

**Update: I just got a call from across the world saying she brought these with her on her trip and is sharing them with her own mom and they love it! Moments like these remind me how great it is to share your crafts with good people.


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