Loops & Threads Yarn

If you’ve been following my knitting and crochet posts or looking at my tags, you’ll notice that I use Loops & Threads yarn in practically everything. It has become my go-to yarn of choice for my projects.

I am a big fan of Loops & Threads for 3 reasons: convenience, quality, and cost.


I stumbled upon this yarn at my Michaels craft store when looking for yarn to make a chunky sweater. They have a whole range of colors and varieties to choose from. The options are enough to make your eyes roll as you pace back and forth down the yarn aisle. Any gauge, any color, it’s all right there.


Prior to this, I was using bulk sized, super saver, cheap brands to make things, and I found I was never really satisfied with my final product because it was always stiff and scratchy. It was important to me that my sweater hung downwards to give a slouchy look, so I splurged a little bit for some Loops & Threads Impeccable. I was so impressed with the results, I chose this yarn for the socks I make for the homeless. I have since received many compliments about how soft and comfortable they are, particularly after being washed and dried with a dryer sheet, which makes them extra squishy and stretchy.

Loops & Threads also produces different types of yarn for different projects. I have not tried them all, but if they are up to the same standards as their Impeccable range, it should not disappoint. One of my favorite ones to use is Loops & Threads Woollike, which is a very fine gauge yarn that is meant to simulate wool, but is actually 100% acrylic. This is the softest yarn I have ever used and is great for thinner projects where you want more wrinkles and folds. It also has some weight to it, which sets it apart from the cheaper thin yarns. I have used this to make scarves as well as a cowl-neck sweater. The scarves are thin and comfy to wrap around your neck, but they are SO warm.


In terms of prices and value, you can anticipate spending a little more than getting the bargain brand, however I don’t think it is too outrageous and I believe it is worth it.

One skein of Loops & Threads Impeccable sells for $4.99, but sometimes they have 3 for $12 deals. I like to stock up on these during the Christmas/Boxing Week sales, where they are usually on sale and I can get a 20% off sale items purchase coupon, bringing the price down to about $3. They also sell a Loops & Threads BIG! option, which is about 3 times the amount of yarn for $11.99. I never buy these at regular price–I always go in with either a 40% or 50% off coupon. I was fortunate to have my Michaels location be on the way home from my typical commute, so I would stop in quickly once a day with my coupon to pick up a skein. If you are not as crazy as I am, I suggest bringing a friend who can use the coupon to get you a second skein. Whatever works.

Loops & Threads Woollike is usually $4 for a skein, but unlike other brands that sell the same gauge yarn, this one is good value for your money. The ball is quite large and dense, and just one ball can go a long way. I often over-buy what I need for my project (but hey, I’ll just use it for the next one!) These also go on sale from time to time for $2, again, particularly during Boxing Week.

I’m anxiously waiting for the Winter season to roll around again so I can stock up my yarn shelf. It’s feeling a little bare…


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