DIY Candles

Scented candles seem to have gained popularity over the past couple of years. With Fall and Christmas season approaching, candles are starting to make an appearance again.

Good store-bought scented candles tend to be quite pricey for something that can disappear so quickly. The jars that they come in also end up being collected in a closet somewhere or recycled–which seems quite wasteful. I typically don’t buy candles for myself, but I love receiving them as gifts. These don’t tend to last me through the winter though, so buying the components online in bulk was a much more cost-effective way for me to produce my own.

I have never attempted to make a candle before, but based on online instructions and videos, it seemed pretty easy. I decided to do as much of it on my own, without purchasing anything other than soy wax flakes from amazon.

I used:

  • Soy Wax Flakes
  • 100% cotton yarn
  • Recycled wick stands from used tea lights
  • Essential Oils/Candle Scents
  • Ceramic containers (courtesy of One Bear Ceramics)

Here’s what I did:

  • Double boil the wax flakes (2x the amount of your container)
  • Add a tiny piece of crayon to add color
  • Cut a piece of yarn and soak it in the melted wax for 10 minutes, then hang to dry
  • Once dry, use pliers to widen the hole of the wick stand to thread the wick through, then clamp wick into position
  • Take the rest of the melted wax out of the boiling water and mix in a few drops of your scent
  • Place the wick in the centre of the container, using a pen to hold it up straight
  • Pour the wax into the container
  • Leave aside to cool and harden
  • Trim wick and light!

Now, my candles were far from perfect. They really didn’t work very well and had all sorts of problems including but not limited to:

  • Burn range not reaching the sides of the container
  • Scent not strong enough
  • Strange discoloration in wax (ie. not a solid, smooth color)
  • Wick stops burning halfway through and won’t hold a flame again

I am in the process of troubleshooting and will re-attempt this process again. If you have any tips or explanations for the flaws in my candles, please do let me know! I am hoping to fix all the problems and create scented candles that can be gifted by Christmas. I am working alongside OBC to create more ceramic candles, which I think would be a super cool gift since people can use the candle and have a functional handmade pot to reuse after. More to come!


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