Socks for Days


The question I get asked the most when people talk to me about The Sidewalk Sock Project is, “Wow, do you make all the socks yourself?” My response is typically something like, “Yes, it is a long process and I was fortunate enough to have raised more funds than I had anticipated, so I will likely be making socks for many years to come.”

While all these conversations start to sound bland and very scripted, they always prompt me to think about what exactly I am doing. When I sit at home watching Netflix and knitting socks, I feel as though I am just passing the time. It’s easy to feel like I should be doing something more productive, and I often forget that by making socks for the homeless, I am doing something productive. It’s only when you stop and step back do you notice how all the little things you do add up to something significant. I guess that goes for everything we do.

My lazy days have turned into a mountain of warm feet (figuratively speaking, of course).


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