For those wondering, the website where I get most of my knitting/crochet patterns from is Ravelry. I have an account which allows me to look through patterns and save the ones I like, though I believe you can still access (at least some) patterns without an account. Some patterns cost money, but many are free!

I love it because it has a very user-friendly set of search filters for finding the perfect pattern. It also has descriptions, tips, and photos left by others who have tried the pattern and made their own projects.

Another feature I use often is the yarn search tab, where I can research a type of yarn to see what others think of it and get project ideas based on the type of yarn I have. I usually have balls of yarn sitting around waiting to be made into something because I bought it without any specific project in mind. Sometimes when shopping you just see nice things you love so much you have to have it, right?! I have also become labelled as “the knitter” among my peers, so it’s quite common that people will see yarn in a store and buy it for me knowing that I will create something with it.

My crafting process goes something like this:

  • Get inspired by something//Have a cool idea
  • Look up pictures of similar ideas or concepts
  • Go to Ravelry to look for pattern
  • Adapt pattern to suit my needs
  • Google or Youtube any specific techniques listed in pattern that I don’t know how to do
    • Youtube is really a lifesaver when it comes to all things DIY. I find it super helpful to be able to see someone doing the step rather than just reading about it or looking at pictures.

Hope you found this little post helpful! Good luck crafting (:


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