Harry Potter-Inspired Knitted Quilt

Here’s another Harry Potter-themed project!

Back in the summer of 2012, the family took a trip to Singapore where the Singapore ArtScience Museum was featuring a Harry Potter exhibit full of props from the movies. One of the most memorable pieces I saw was a knitted patchwork quilt from someone’s bed (forgive me HP fans, I don’t actually remember whose it was).

This was during the early days when I was starting to get into knitting. I had just graduated from high school and was moving into the dorms at university. I needed something to keep me busy during the nights when I was there alone. My mom taught me how to knit simple squares using scrap yarn, which I would later assemble into a quilt.

Each base square was 4″ x 4″. I had a small cardboard cutout of this square so I could use a variety of yarns and gauges and still get the appropriate size and shape.  I also made a few larger ones equivalent to 4 base squares (8″ x 8″) and some longer pieces (4″ x 8″). Any multiple of your base square would work. Once I got bored of the basic stockinette stitch, I started looking up stitch patterns online. This was where I learned to experiment with knitting, as the little squares provided a good opportunity to try making swatches of different designs.

Once I had collected a decent amount of squares in a variety of colors and patterns, I laid them out and arranged them in a way I liked and began linking them together. If there were any holes, I just made a few extra squares to fill them in. I wanted my quilt to have a bit of a messy, rough look, so I did my stitching in a visible white yarn quite unevenly. I didn’t try to hide the stitching or make it look pretty. Lastly, I used the remainder of my scrap yarn to make tassels to line all the edges at every 4″ join. To make the tassels even, I used a piece of cardboard that was the desired length and wound my yarn around it until it was the desired thickness, then I tied and cut it. I’m sure there are plenty of tutorials on how to make tassels online. This is how I’ve always done it.

The final size of the quilt is about 50″ x 80″. It is quite heavy, so it tends to stretch and wrap around you so it is extra cozy and WARM! I definitely recommend this project to those who are new to knitting or those who want to try out some new stitch designs. Since it is quite big, it does require some commitment, but breaking it down into smaller components makes this process easier! Often times I would have some spare time here and there so I would make a quick square and tuck it away. I have also heard of knitting groups that work together to make pieces that get assembled into quilts and donated later.

I have received many compliments from houseguests who have visited or stayed the night. When not in use, I like to have it draped in the corner of my window bench to add some color and texture rather than having it hidden away in a closet. It definitely adds a homely feel to the room! (:


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