I Made a Friend

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Meet Zoh. She’s a little monster bunny friend I made (pun intended). I was seeing a lot of cute toys and pillows online that I really wanted to buy, yet couldn’t justify the expense. Among these was the little creatures from the Monster Lab, which creates adorably creepy little monsters. I thought they were amazing and incredibly creative, yet not quite exactly what I would make. I was inspired to draw from this concept to design my own little monster, and thus Zoh, my brain child, was born.

My sister had gotten me these balls of spongy fur yarn from the dollar store that I kept in my storage forever because I never knew what to do with them. I started tossing around the idea of using fur yarns to create stuffed animals because the fur would hide the stitching and it would look essentially like it was sewn. Note that this type of yarn is incredibly difficult to work with, as you have to deal with all the little hairs and still maintain the tension to keep the stuffing in. I also gave myself the added difficulty of alternating colors in the rows because I only had two small balls of each color (neither was enough to complete her at the size I wanted–I actually started over partway through after this realization). I used a regular acrylic yarn for her face as well as her ears, legs, eyes, teeth, and socks. Those parts were much easier.

The base of her body was a box shape, which I had gotten from this pattern. Ambitiously, I made the two flaps at the bottom and joined in the round to continue knitting the body. I grafted the top shut (flat) instead, which actually wasn’t too noticeable. I then stuffed her from the bottom including a ziplock bag of rice for added weight, and hand-stitched the base shut. For future reference, the plastic of the bag does make a crinkling sound when you squish her, so I would suggest putting a little more effort into sewing the rice into fabric of some sort instead. She ended up being about 9″ tall sitting down with her legs dangling.

The eyes were just crochet magic circles, the white one just slightly bigger than the brown. I used the ends tucked in the middle to attach them to her face. I looked up how to knit a heart and did so using some scrap Loops & Threads Woollike yarn and stitched it on her left chest. Her legs and socks are just crochet tubes left flat, and her ears I 100% made up as I went along, increasing and decreasing where I felt appropriate to match my vision. In the future I will document my designs better and post complete patterns.

Finally, the concept for her teeth came from the first row of entrelac knitting. Rather than making individual triangles, I remembered that the first row looked like a connected set of triangles, and luckily when I looked it up, the pattern was done exactly how I needed it. I just casted off before starting the set of squares.

This was my first attempt at really sketching out and designing my own project. I love the basic concept and plan on making some variations. I have already received a request for one, which is currently in the works. After that I may create a whole family inspired by Zoh. Stay tuned!


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